IMQ - "Coronavirus"

West Coast

IMQ anthem song for getting over the hump of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Screw U coronavirus!

IMQ is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise smug music industry. Hailing from Long Beach, California comes the Ghanaian composer/singer with much audacity and spunk.

Specializing in Hip hop and Pop, IMQ creates music that colors outside of the lines, especially pertaining to the subject matter of his lyrics. He draws inspiration from his African heritage and everyday surroundings. Traveling and being on the open road helps him to escape the noise of his life and enter the realm of musical inventiveness. He rides on the fast-propelling wings of self-assurance knowing he can sing almost any genre of music. His ability to himself apart from other artists is rooted in his evasion of the banalities of today’s music culture. Musical masters like Michael Jackson, Prince, Drake, Kanye, The Weeknd, & XXXtentacion are recognized for the contributions they made in influencing his style.

The Movado Watch company noticed IMQ’s talent and featured his song, “Hot Lil Thang” in their watch campaign. Later, he was awarded Movado’s Future Legends plaque, presented by Derek Jeter and, Movado CEO, Efraim Grinberg. While these accomplishments are commendable, IMQ’s greatest achievements are yet to come.

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