M-Ezy ft Rice & Lorenzo - "Still My Wave"

Video Credits: indieartst +services

Still My Wave is a play on words, because as the songs unfolds with Rice on the hook and M-Ezy and Lorenzo , the message is encouragement for anyone who has ever been told told what they could not accomplish . Confidence in self allows you to shut out the judgement and outside noise that prevents us from reaching our greatness . Greatness is in all of us we just have to find our passion .Most times you’ve already accomplished what people while dream smashers are continuing to smash.

Hustle Work Grind Records (HWG) was formed by two brothers M-Ezy(Michael) and Rice formed the label in April of 2017. Together their message is whether you work a 9-5 or you’re an entrepreneur hard work and determination gets to decide your destiny. Integrity, family and community are the foundation of our beliefs.

HWG has initiated community clean up events as well as partnered with independent artist for family Christmas event “ Dear Santa Christmas Extravaganzas “ as well as supporting fundraising events for Cancer and Easter Seals..

We continue to work on our individual growth as well as the HWG Brand.

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