gets you ALL of the following:

Hip Hop Outfront Radio

Your song gets added to the radio playlist.

plus you can do one of the following:

a) Sell your song for 100% of the profit

b) Sell your song and 100% gets donated to

c) Give away your music for free

d) Offer just a preview and link to purchase for your preferred site

Video Visualization of your song

You provide a high def image of yourself and a logo and we'll create you a video visualiztion of for your song to use anywhere you want.

Hip Hop Outfront Website Feature (blog)

You provide an artist bio and some HD images and we will add a feature of you on our blog.

Hip Hop Outfront YouTube Feature

We will add your video to our YouTube channel for promotion.

Hip Hop Outfront TV Feature

We will add your video to our super popular Roku TV channel  and Live TV (web) for promotion.

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